Contributing to Aquilon

Michel Jouvin

Contributions to Aquilon are welcome, as for any other parts of Quattor, but have stricter requirements for commit messages.

Commit Messages

Commit messages require a Change-Id: line. To achieve this, simply add the Gerrit commit-msg hook

You can use following commands to install it:

wget -q -O - "" | base64 --decode > .git/hooks/commit-msg
chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg

Warning: executing the command above will overwrite the previous commit-msg hook, if any.

Once the commit hook is installed, just enter your commit message as usual. During the commit operation, the Change-Id line will be added by the hook. If looking at commit message with git log, it should typically look like:

Short summary of the change

- Details what was done
- More details

Change-Id: I9f8d7d0f656e72877c436727d0e4a8d8a62a4b89

Contributing your Changes

Once you have validated your changes and edited the appropriate commit messages, you need to open a pull request against the relevant Aquilon repository on GitHub. There are two repositories:

  • Aquilon itself (the main one)
  • Aquilon protocols: Python modules used to interface to the database

Note: each commit must have a different Change-ID, even they are part of the same pull request