Quattor is developed and supported entirely by the community that uses it, there are no full-time paid developers.

We encourage everyone to get involved in the Quattor community and we’re eager to help you out!

Mailing Lists & IRC

We can be found in the Quattor group: this forum is used to discuss all matters related to Quattor and for announcements. This is the best way to reach main developers and experts. Anybody interested can subscribe to it by sending a mail to quattor+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

Some of us also hang out on #quattor on freenode.net.

Note: Quattor lists on SourceForge have been decommissioned. Be sure to subscribe the new list to stay up-to-date with Quattor.


All our code and documentation (including this website) is hosted on GitHub, if you find bugs or things that could be improved, please open an issue and/or pull request on GitHub. If you’re not sure which repository to open the issue again (there are a lot) please ask!