Release notes for Quattor 13.02

07 February 2013

These are the main features and caveats of Quattor 13.02:

Supported platforms

It has been tested and is known to work on Scientific Linux 6.2 and newer, and 5.6 and newer.

It you are using any older version of Scientific Linux or any other Red Hat derivative, you must not upgrade:

  • aii-ks
  • ncm-spma

And you must retain:

  • spma
  • rpmt-py

Software package management

The old spma package has been removed from the release. So has been rpmt-py. Quattor 13.02 ships with the Yum-based SPMA.

Using Yum changes the way we’ll handle our packages. Please read the package management recommendations before deciding whether to upgrade. If you decide the new package manager is for you, follow the upgrade guide.

Installation infrastructure

The Kickstart generator in Quattor 13.02 will only install systems that use the new SPMA. If you choose not to upgrade yet, don’t upgrade to the new aii-ks either.


Packages are available at our Yum repository.

Other changes

  • ncm-query is now part of the release.
  • The Grid-related components have been released. These don’t have (yet) the same QA process as the core components, but it’s useful for many users to have these components in a repository.