Getting Started with Quattor

Quattor is a complete, but somewhat complex, set of tools for automated machine management. This document provides a gentle introduction that highlights the main capabilities of Quattor by showing you how to install a server and take partial control of another machine. Production use will require a good knowledge of the toolset and your site configuration.

Install Aquilon

To install Aquilon, follow this documentation

Basic Site Configuration

Taking Control of Client Machine

Add User Account

Next Steps

Now you have seen how the Quattor server and client software are installed and used. Running Quattor in production will require more detailed knowledge about the Quattor Toolkit and Quattor best practices.

In particular, you will need to investigate further the following topics:

  • Using Quattor to install a machine from scratch.
  • Configuring the security for the Quattor system.

You can find additional documentation concerning these topics and others in the documentation part of the Quattor web site.


Comments, bug reports, and feature requests are welcome. Please subscribe to the Quattor discussion list and raise issues there. See the contact area of the Quattor web site.