6th quattor workshop takes place in Amsterdam

03 November 2008
Nick Williams

Last week, 23 users and developers of quattor from all over Europe met at NIKHEF in Amsterdam to discuss
the current status of the quattor toolkit and to plan its future development. The workshop focussed on the
steps necessary to build an open and sustainable community around quattor, to encourage collaboration
between all quattor users.

The following decisions were taken at the workshop:

  • Migration of core modules and components to the sourceforge.net Subversion repository is to proceed in
    the next month. The directory structure for the migrated modules was decided.
  • As a result, CERN CVS WILL BE READ-ONLY AS OF DECEMBER 1ST 2008. After this date, all changes to core
    quattor software are to be checked in to the sourceforge.net repository.
  • An automated build system to be developed for quattor modules and components. LAL and LAPP to investigate.
  • Next workshop to be hosted by Morgan Stanley in London: will probably take place March 2009.

For further details on the workshop, please see the minutes and the presentations.