Testing needed! Yum backend for ncm-spma

05 October 2012

The new version of ncm-spma is ready for tests. If you think the following shortcomings won’t affect you, your help will be greately appreciated.


You need Yum 3.2.29 or higher. This is the version shipped in SL6.2, but not with SL5. On SL5 you’ll have to build it or download it from Fedoreapeople.

AII is not yet adapted to the new SPMA. As a result, installations using the new version will fail. The adaptation will follow shortly.

The spma executable is obsolete. The component communicates with Yum directly, and thus there may be conflicts.

How to test

Download the component from my GitHub:

git clone git://github.com/piojo/ncm-components-core.git spma-yum

Build the component, as usual. I’d appreciate reports if the test suite fails. See the testing documentation to run the test suite.

Finally, you just update the component in your CDB/SCDB/Aquilon as usual.

What to test

Interesting things (that I’m testing now, but hey, help is always welcome):

  • SL5 (but please, update your version of Yum before!!
  • userpkgs
  • run with different values


Please, send the feedback to the mailing lists, or to the G+ page.

Happy testing!