Quattor 12.12 is out!!

11 January 2013

We have just tagged and uploaded to the Yum repositories Quattor 12.12. The goal of this release is to provide users with a well-defined set of modules that are known to work together, simplifying their update procedures and solving the integration problems they used to suffer in the past.

The changelog is huge (it’s been too long since our last release!!). Thanks a lot to all contributors, developers, and users who have participated in testing and making this a really good release!

The purpose of this release was to have and test a release process. As a result, we failed to ship ncm-query, which will be part of the next release.

From now on, we plan to release every four to six weeks. So the next release will be 13.01, and should happen by the end of January. It will contain the Yum-based SPMA, better maintained and debugged daemons, and many more things!