Pan compiler v10.0 released

02 March 2013

Version 10.0 of the Pan compiler is out. It contains the following changes:

NOTE: This is NOT A DROP-IN REPLACEMENT for pan v9.x! The panc script, ant task, and maven plugins use a consistent and streamlined set of options that are not backward compatible. The changes from the old options to the new ones should be obvious, but there is information in the pan book if more detail is needed.

NOTE: Some users have reported degraded performance with this version of the compiler. In my own tests v10.0 is about 13% slower in real time than v9.2. At the same time, v10.0 uses about 11% less CPU than v9.3. This probably means a higher level of I/O contention in the newer version, but I’ve not had time to track down the cause. This will hopefully be resolved in the incremental v10 series releases to come.

As usual, this release is available in SourceForge.

The various artefacts of the build are also available through the central Maven repository.