Quattor 13.3 is out!!

21 March 2013

We have just tagged and uploaded to the Yum repositories Quattor 13.3. Special changes include:

New configuration modules


The old ncm-network is part of this release. It is shipped for completitude. While it will be replaced by a more maintainable component, we need to be able to configure the network now.


UGent’s fork of ncm-openldap has made it into this release. The schema is slightly different from the old version, but it adds the ability to handle multiple databases, better defined access restrictions and much more.

Improvements to configuration modules

  • cron: remove whitespace from log file names, even if the job name has them.
  • sendmail: bug fixes
  • spma: many bug fixes. Users of the Yum-based SPMA are strongly recommended to upgrade to this release.
  • accounts: account removal is now safer and more reliable.


  • ccm-fetch can ignore /etc/noquattor by passing --force-quattor on the command line.
  • Some spurious dependencies have been dropped. This version should be easier to install on very old platforms.
  • CCM can now download profiles from dynamic URLs. For instance, https://my.quattor.srv/profiles?profile_name=node.doma.in&version=1.2


  • It is now possible to enable SSH during the Anaconda phase, making it easier to debug installation problems.

Compatibility notes

  • This is the last version of SPMA that keeps copatibility with the old implementation.