The future of the stable releases

26 April 2013

Users have expressed the need to have some more stable releases before they can consider moving into the bleeding edge ones. Thus we have agreed in the following course of action:

  • There will be stable releases for six months. These won’t include any major feature, and definitely not the Yum-based SPMA.
  • The release rythm will be slightly slower. Every two months for stable releases, instead of every four or six weeks for the most advances ones.

So, this is the schedule of stable releases:

  • Quattor 13.1.1 will come out end of June.
  • Quattor 13.1.2 will come out end of August.
  • Quattor 13.1.3 will come out end of October.

Version 13.1.3 will be the last one of the 13.1 series. After that, any future releases shall contain the Yum-based SPMA only.