Quattor 13.5 is out!!

08 May 2013

We have just tagged and uploaded to the Yum repositories Quattor 13.5. Special changes include:

New configuration modules

Moved from the Stratuslab repositories

Modules configuring Ganglia and libvirtd have been moved to the core repository, and are part now of our releases. Many thanks to the Stratuslab members for this contribution.

Imported from old SVN

We have recovered ncm-cups from the old Subversion repositories. There weren’t any reports about the usage of this component during many years, so we don’t know if it will handle correctly modern versions of CUPS.

Improvements to configuration modules

Improvements to the automatic installer

  • The Kickstart generator now supports the logging directive. This will enable syslog during the Anaconda phase.
  • The installer will try harder to bootstrap the machine even if some Yum repositories are temporarily unavailable.
  • LVM on SL5 is correctly handled again.

Next release

Next release will be Quattor 13.6 and will happen end of June.