Quattor 13.6 is out!!

05 July 2013

One week late, we are happy to announce Quattor 13.6. This is the feature release, with the Yum-based SPMA and the cool stuff. You are advised to upgrade! The RPMs will reach the Yum repositories shortly.

As usual, thanks to our contributors and users for their help and feedback.

Major changes


Configuration modules

For the general-purpose modules:

  • The chkconfig module has been [rewritten almost entirely]((https://github.com/quattor/configuration-modules-core/pull/83), and is now much easier to understand and to maintain. Some bugs were fixed in the process.
  • ncm-postfix supports now multiple LDAP databases. This required a change to the schema that might break backwards compatibility: two fields are now lists of structures instead of just simple structures.
  • The SPMA module supports now [multiple proxies and URLs]((https://github.com/quattor/configuration-modules-core/pull/79)
  • The SPMA module has now even [better error handling]((https://github.com/quattor/configuration-modules-core/pull/78)
  • We can now set the [owner of the NRPE config file]((https://github.com/quattor/configuration-modules-core/pull/84)
  • The network module supports now more [naming conventions for network cards]((https://github.com/quattor/configuration-modules-core/pull/77).
  • [Clean ups to ncm-ofed]((https://github.com/quattor/configuration-modules-core/pull/85)

The Grid-specific ones have seen bugs fixed on ncm-myproxy and ncm-globuscfg.


We have fixed a long-standing bug in the handling of the --nodeps flag.

Next release

Next release will be 13.9, and will happen in September.