Quattor 13.1.1 is out!!

18 July 2013

We are happy to announce Quattor 13.1.1. This is the stable release, with the old SPMA and just bugs fixed or new components. If you cannot use the feature releases, you are advised to upgrade!

The goal of this series is to provide an upgrade path that doesn’t disrupt any existing infrastructures. Existing components won’t receive any cool features in this series.

The RPMs will reach the Yum repositories shortly.

As usual, thanks to our contributors and users for their help and feedback.


Configuration modules

  • We have included ncm-ganglia, contributed by our Stratuslab friends.
  • ncm-network supports more naming schemes for network devices.

The Grid-specific modules have seen bugs fixed on ncm-myproxy and ncm-globuscfg.

Bugs have been fixed in ncm-ipmi and


We have fixed a long-standing bug in the handling of the --nodeps flag.

Next release

Next release will be 13.1.2, and will happen by the end of September.