Quattor 13.9 is out!!

12 September 2013

We have just tagged and uploaded to the Yum repositories Quattor 13.9. Special changes include:

New features

Useability improvements

  • Quattor commands have been renamed, to be more meaningful:
    • quattor-configure executes configuration modules, aliasing old ncm-ncd.
    • quattor-query queries the profile in a node, aliasing old ncm-query.
    • quattor-installer aliases many aii-shellfe options.
  • quattor-configure and quattor-query (and their old names) have now basic Bash autocompletion support. The names of the the installed components and the most common options will be expanded.

Improvements to configuration modules

Backwards-incompatible changes

Bugs fixed

  • ncm-spma improved its detection of packages that couldn’t be versionlocked.
  • Components complying with the coding style document will now show the changes that would happen to a file, even under --noaction.
  • metaconfig supports now noaction.
  • The installer works reliably again on SL 6.4.


We have created a GitHub repository for simplifying the upgrades of the core configuration modules. Just clone this repository or download the appropriate tag.

If this approach is useful, future releases will provide easy-to-download templates for the Grid modules and the client packages.

Next release

Next release will be Quattor 13.10 and will happen by the end of October.