Quattor 13.12 is out!!

06 December 2013

We have just tagged and uploaded to the Yum repositories Quattor 13.12. Special changes include:

New features


Configuration modules

Improvements to the automatic installer

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Packaging fixes

All packages ship now their man pages under /usr/share/man, which is part of the standard MANPATH.

This fixes issues with users not finding the correct man pages.

No more spurious lock errors on EL5

Under some circumstances, the CAF framework would display lots of lock-related errors in EL5 systems. This is fixed now.

Hooks in ncm-ncd

Pre and post-deployment hooks in ncm-ncd work now.

Fixes in configuration modules


You can get the RPMs from the Yum repositories. Templates are provided, as usual, in the core template library repository in Github.

Out of this release

Solaris support is improving! We have received a pkgtree utility for handling packages with Solaris IPS. We are also merging an ips submodule for SPMA.