Pan Configuration Language

The pan configuration language allows system administrators to describe (complete or partial) machine configurations. These descriptions are then compiled into a machine-friendly format (usually XML or JSON), which is then used by downstream Quattor tools to affect the necessary changes to the machine configuration.

The pan language is a “Domain Specific Language” (DSL) with a simple, human-friendly syntax. Unlike other languages, pan allows the simultaneous definitions of the configuration schema, the configuration itself, and contraints for validation.

Pan Language Reference

The core syntax and functionality of pan have been stable for a long time. However, each new release of the pan compiler brings fixes and improvements, some of which affect the pan language itself.

Each release of the pan compiler is accompanied by an updated “Pan Book”. It contains an introduction to the language, detailed reference, and instructions for installation and use.

Look at the release page in GitHub to find the version of the book you’re looking for. It is availabe in both PDF and EPUB formats.


Comments, bug reports, and feature requests are welcome. Please register in GitHub to raise issue. You are also encourage to subscribe to the Quattor discussion list to get support from the community.