How To Get The Template Library

Michel Jouvin

This page describes how to get the Quattor template library.

How to Get It?

The layout of some of the Git repositories is not really appropriate for a direct use. Two tools have been developped to download the template library as a ready-to-use set of templates :

  • get-template-library: download the template library itself organized in a way suitable for importing it in SCDB or Aquilon.
  • create a new SCDB configuration database, with all the SCDB tools and the template library. This script uses get-template-library internally and compiles SCDB examples at the end of the download.


get-template-library is located in GitHub release repository (in src/scripts). By default, this script downloads the whole template library in /tmp/quattor-template-library. The downloaded contents can then be imported into an existing SCDB or Aquilon installation.

Note: for SCDB, you can use directory-sync to import the new version of the template library).

Before using get-template-library, clone the GitHub release repository. If you already have a clone, be sure to refresh it before using the script (typically with git pull).

Use --help to get a list of all the available options. The script needs the version to download as a parameter. A typical use of get-template-library (to download Quattor version 14.5.0, after removing /tmp/quattor-template-library if it exists) is:

get-template-library -F 14.5.0

If you are interested by getting the template library validation resulting from the compilation of the examples, it is recommended to use this script whether you are using SCDB or not. The library part of SCDB (under cfg directory) is exactly the same as the one created by get-template-library. The only reasons to use this script are the creation of the new SCDB or to validate the template library against the SCDB examples.

This script is in repository scdb. It creates a new SCDB with all the SCDB tools, uses get-template-library to download the template library and then compiles the SCDB examples. The new SCDB, by default, is in /tmp/scdb-vanilla.

A typical use of this script involves the following steps (in the example, to downlaod version 14.5.0 of the template library after removing /tmp/scdb-vanilla):

git clone
cd scdb
utils/scdb/ -F 14.5.0

This script accept all the options valid in get-template-library, in addition to its specific options.

Note: if you already have a clone of SCDB repository, you can update it. Be sure to do it as the script is regularly updated.


As any other components in the Quattor toolkit, the template library evolves to fix issues, to support new functionalities or services and to increase the flexibility in the configuration options. Thus it is important to upgrade it regularly, when a new Quattor release is announced.

When upgrading, it is important to upgrade the whole template library, not just one subset, else you are at risk of inconsistencies between subsets. This is especially true of the standard subset that all the other subsets depend on. Except if there is a special announcement, it is better to install the template from a Quattor release than from the master of the Git repositories: despite our attempt to have the master always working, only Quattor releases go through the whole testing process.

To do the upgrade, the easiest is to get a fresh version of the template library following the procedure described above. Then from the directory where the new template library resides (this depends on the tool used to download it, see above), the template library can be imported to a production SCDB or Aquilon. For SCDB, a script helping with the update is available: directory-sync.