27 February 2017

Michel Jouvin

UEFI Support in AII

UEFI Support in AII Quattor 17.3 introduced UEFI support in AII. It is based on using the Grub2 EFI loader instead of PXELINUX/SYSLINUX....

10 February 2017

Stijn De Weirdt

Components Spring 2017 Cleaning

Goal With the advent of build-tools version 1.52, some code cleanup and refactoring is recommended. This document explains how to clean...

29 July 2016

Isaura Claeys

Implementing the choice type

Implementing the choice type Related to this pull request. Implementation In the PanParser.jjt file, another OR option was added to bas...

30 September 2015

Dimitrios Zilaskos

FreeIPA with Aquilon quick start

This page contains the steps for a quick EL6 FreeIPA installation and generation of a Kerberos keytab for use with Aquilon. This is just...

22 September 2015

Stijn De Weirdt

TextRender outside metaconfig

TextRender outside metaconfig The 3rd part of this series deals with usage of TextRender in e.g. components other than metaconfig or oth...

21 September 2015

Stijn De Weirdt

metaconfig, the TextRender meta-component

The metaconfig component Large fraction of all system administration (and thus also the quattor components) is creating correct configur...

20 September 2015

Stijn De Weirdt

TextRender basics

Generating structured text is best done with the TextRender module. This document provides a guide to its functionality. To limit exposu...

27 November 2014

Michel Jouvin

Configuring Quattor YUM repositories

This article explains how to configure the required YUM repositories for Quattor components. Quattor YUM repositories Quattor uses main...

16 March 2016

Michel Jouvin

Contributing to the Quattor Web Site

This page gives advices and best practices for contributing to the Quattor web site. Introduction The Quattor web site is hosted on Git...

24 March 2014

Michel Jouvin

Migrating from SPMA-based to YUM-based deployments

This documentation is a step-by-step migration guide from legcay SPMA-based package deployment to the new YUM-based deployment, covering ...

19 June 2017

James Adams

Configuration cheat sheet

This article is intended as quick reference, or cheat sheet showing examples of a variety of common and simple configuration snippets in ...

15 November 2013

Victor Mendoza

Yum based SPMA migration, putting it all together

Since several people have asked for pointers, here is a brief summary of our experience so far migrating our Quattor managed systems to t...

05 April 2013

Installing and removing packages with Quattor

We describe here the basic Pan statements and data structures for installing, removing and upgrading software packages. Other documents ...

27 March 2013

Luis Fernando Muñoz Mejías

Experiences with package cleanup

At UGent we are starting to prune down our systems. This is bringing significant advantages in the speed and reliability of our operatio...

07 February 2013

Managing packages at scale with Yum-based SPMA

The Yum-based SPMA alleviates greatly the RPM dependency hell. This is done by shifting the burden on maintaining each package to maintai...

07 February 2013

Release notes for Quattor 13.02

These are the main features and caveats of Quattor 13.02: Supported platforms It has been tested and is known to work on Scientific Lin...

06 February 2013

Getting more traces from component execution

Starting with version 2.0.0 of the core modules (CAF), components complying with the coding style guide will be much more traceable: ...

29 January 2013

Upgrading to the Yum-based SPMA

Since Quattor 13.02 we have an entirely rewritten package manager, based on Yum. The initial page describing the migration from SPMA pac...

29 January 2013

A possible package repository architecture for upgrading with Yum

Introduction The new SPMA makes it easy to install new packages, and their dependencies. However, there may be dependencies that are no...

11 January 2013

Mirroring the Quattor Yum repositories

Since Quattor 12.12 we have an official Yum repository. These are the steps to mirror it: Declare a Yum repository in your software ser...

29 March 2014

Luis Fernando Muñoz Meijas, Michel Jouvin

Migrating to JSON profiles

Since the Quattor 12.12 release, it possible to use JSON-formatted machine profiles instead of the standard XML profiles. The JSON forma...

30 October 2012

How to install maven in SL6

Maven is not present in default repositories for SL6. For many people administrating and doing development with quattor it is convenient ...

28 August 2012

SPMA with Yum as backend

SPMA is the package manager in Quattor. Essentially, it is a framework that can use any package manager as its backend. However, the only...

07 May 2012

Charles Loomis

Migrating to Clojure for Pan Language Implementation

The pan configuration language compiler provides the link between human-readable machine configurations for system administrators and bac...